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PVS-14 Dual Mount Adapter Dovetail - Articulating - No Tools Needed

IC Dual PVS-14 Light Weight Mounting System with Dovetail or Bayonet Adapter

Allow 14-30 days for shipment.

Integrated Components Night Vision Helmet Mount Dual PVS-14 Light Weight Mounting System allows the operator to have a non quick detach, dual PVS-14 system.

Integrated Components Night Vision Helmet Mount Light Weight Dual PVS-14 Mounting System™ offers an adaptable system that can be configured as a dual-tube stereoscopic night vision system. The need for binocular depth perception is particularly acute when operating at night, and users of single-tube PVS-7 or 14 systems are at a significant disadvantage when it comes to effective tactical night movement.

The unique design of the Integrated Components Night Vision Helmet Mount Light Weight Dual PVS-14 Mounting System™ also allows one or both devices to be swung up 180 degrees, completely out of the line of sight, without disturbing the eye alignment of the other device, and when the entire assembly is folded back against the helmet the system allows both devices to be folded further back towards the helmet than any other system. This feature decreases the chances of knocking the devices against branches, doorframes or other obstacles as well as keeping the center of gravity of the helmet as far back as possible for operator comfort.

The Integrated Components Night Vision Helmet Mount Light Weight Dual PVS-14 Mounting System™  offers redundancy, flexibility and ease of maintenance. Unlike a dedicated PVS-15 system, dual PVS-14s give the user two separate power supplies, decreasing the potential for complete system failure. Ease of replacement and repair are important in the tactical environment because the IC system can be used with any standard ITT or L3 PVS-14, operators can freely swap, mix and match any suitable PVS-14 in a matter of minutes.  Moreover, the IC system does not interfere with the installation of the PVS-14 Ultimate Weapon Mount and is compatible with all IC, Wilcox and Norotos dovetail helmet mounts.

Mount pictured with Wilcox G24 (Optional) is not included in price.

Export: The Export of this product without proper licensing is strictly prohibited and falls under ITAR per title 22, CFR, parts 120-130. Please contact US Night Vision Export Dept. to receive further information on how to obtain proper licensing from the U.S. Department of State

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5 Stars
Just buy it

I was very concerned about bridging with the NOROTOS INVG mount because everyone’s says the Wilcox is the way to go. I had a single Pvs14 and later went to 2. I bought this from Chris’s recommendation and it’s really good. Lightweight. Sturdy. No movement. I just buy it and you won’t 2nd guess yourself

5 Stars
Great Product, Service, & Shipping

I just ordered the PVS14 Dual Mount Dovetail for my 2nd AN/PVS-14A GEN III Auto-Gated White Phosphor - High Fom I am now using as a pair. Chris and John at US Night Vision got me the right setup, talked through the process, shipped it out within a week. The bridge is PERFECT. The pair are working better than I could have hoped. Amazing service and company. Highly recommend the guys at US Night Vision.