DesignateIR-V™ Three Beam Laser Green Visible / Infrared Laser / VCSEL IR Illuminator / Black

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Surefire Vampire Kit

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DesignateIR-V™ Three Beam Laser / Green Visible Laser / Infrared Laser / VCSEL IR Illuminator / All New ARISAKA Defense Ambidextrous Fire Button / Arisaka Aluminum Mounting Plate / CQB IR Diffuser Bikini Cover / MADE IN U.S.A / 2 Week Lead Time.

Made in the USA, the Designate IR-V laser is the smallest and lightest, three beam, tactical rifle laser available today. Built from synthetic nylon, this laser is designed to withstand recoil and will perform in all weather conditions. The Designate IR-V's set-it, forget-it zero allows the user to zero the visible laser once. Then, both laser sights are precisely  co-witnessed for accuracy. The laser's small footprint lies below the weapons line of sight and allows the user to effortlessly switch to iron sights. The user controls have been carefully engineered for minimal drag, reliability, and ease of use. The newly added illuminator utilizes VCSEL technology providing illumination with exceptional distance and beam quality. Comparable products cost well over $3000.00. The Designate IR-V offers the end user options that they can afford. Simple user controls and a small footprint are just a few of the reasons to own one. Best of all, US Night Vision has introduced this new laser at an extremely competitive price point. The included CQB Filter diffuses the beam and provides perfect illumination for close up / indoor work where long-range illumination is not needed.

Add a Surefire M640V-PRO Vampire Kit (Visible / Infrared) Custom US Night Vision Logo Light w/ DS00 Tail cap and SR07-D-IT Dual tape switch to run light and laser. Blk. Only $575.00


  • Green Visible Laser/ Infrared Laser / VCSEL Illuminator w/ Diffuser Filter
  • Innovative Fire Button Placement
  • Green / Infrared / VCSEL Laser Operation
  • MIL-STD Crane Remote Switch Connector
  • Remote Pressure Switch (Optional)
  • Arisaka Defense 1913 Picatinny Rail Mount
  • Arisaka Defense Fire Control Button (Momentary/Constant)
  • Easy To Use Selector Switch Vis/Off/IR/IR & Illuminator
  • Intuitive “User Only” Activation Light
  • Windage / Elevation Adjustable


Size / Dimensions: (L) 3.8" x (W) 2.9" x (H) .5"
Weight (w/Battery): 6.3.oz
Battery: (1) CR123
Battery Life: > 5 hours
Environmental IP68
Warranty 2 years
Visible Laser: Green
Output Power: > 5.0 mW Class 3R
Beam Divergence: .5 mrad
Wavelength: 520 nm
Range: > 50 m Daylight
IR Laser: Infrared
Output Power: > 2.5 mW Class 3R
Beam Divergence: .5 mrad
Wavelength: 830 nm
Range: > 1000 m
VCSEL Illuminator: Infrared
Output Power: > 130 mW Class 3R
Beam Divergence: 3 Degree
Wavelength: 850 nm
Range: > 300 m

Export: The Export of this product without proper licensing is strictly prohibited and falls under ITAR per title 22, CFR, parts 120-130. Please contact US Night Vision Export Dept. to receive further information on how to obtain proper licensing from the U.S. Department of State


Current Stock:
Width: 6.00
Height: 6.00
Depth: 4.00
Warranty: 2-Year

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5 Stars

Since I purchased my USNG-31s from US night vision I have been looking at IR lasers and illuminators. I have bought L3 Harris ATPAIL-C, and Holosuns. The IR lasers on these units are fine but the illuminators SUCK! I don’t want to buy a full power PEQ-15 and something happen to it and I can’t get it repaired so I kept looking. I watched a couple reviews on the DesignatorIR so I decided I would try it. Man please I’m going to sell my other units and buy a couple more of these! I haven’t put it through a beating yet but it seems great so far. The illuminator is unreal compared to my other ones. It blows my mind that they can put an illuminator on the designator IR this good and L3 Harris puts a POS on their Peq-15 civilian model. However you are doing it keep it up! One thing I can think of that would really make it the cream of the crop is to put an adjustable illuminator on it. Anything night vision US Night Vision is the place to shop!

5 Stars
DVIR is simply unbeatable

Tonight I went out and utilized all three of my IR Laser/illuminators. US Night Vision's DVIR, Steiner DBAL D2, and Somogear's PEQ-15 airsoft replica (I know it's not an actual for use item, but a tool is a tool.) The weight and size comparison between the DBAL D2 and DVIR are drastic, the DVIR is much shorter and easier to use. The button is in just the right spot, the updated models have a diffuser for closer engagements or wide throw. And the brightness is just right not really needing a low or high power mode. I would absolutely recommend this product, I would buy more if it were more readily available. I didn't feel the need to use a switch with mine, standard 16 inch AR-15 and surefire flashlight on the left side, also push to activate no switch. Perfectly fine. I actually preferred no switch. With the DBAL, you kinda have to due to the button placement. TDLR, 5/5 stars, would buy again and again, unfortunately cannot due to availability. Price is justifiable but not beyond $2,000.

5 Stars

Excellent excellent piece of equipment. I purchased this when I had the opportunity to build out my new SWAT rifle. I got to pick out what I wanted on my rifle. I was looking at all the usual top players (peq, ngal, mawl), and then I found out about US Night Vision. I was skeptical, mainly about durability and how it does with weather since I work near Seattle and its constantly dumping rain on us. I have spent numerous hours with it in the rain now and it has performed flawlessly. It has taken a beating as well, and nothing has changed. I decided I would give it a try and I have never regretted it. It is extremely simple to use. I first had it mounted on the end of my rail, but I know have it on an HRF Skiff attached to my Unity riser with a Modlite Modbutton. It sits so low, that wherever I had it mounted, it never feels as if its in the way. The power is great. Most of the guys on my team are running class 3 DBALs, and this is outperforming those. I can’t say enough good things about this. I would absolutely buy this again over a PEQ, MAWLl, or NGAL.

5 Stars

This is easily one of the best civilian lasers on the market if not the best. From fit and finish to form factor this thing rocks. The button placement for activation is well thought out and the knob for modes makes a lot of sense. There is no reason for all the BS that comes with the PEQ-15 and DBal. The only laser that comes close to this in performance for a reasonable price is the Dbal-D2 and that thing is a brick on the front of your rifle. I’ll be buying more of these in the future.

5 Stars
Super Cool and affordable IR laser system

This thing is really cool, and like all the US Night Vision products I’ve purchased, a great value. Have this set up on my Sig MCX Virtus and the form factor is great, Illumination is bright and ergonomics are serviceable; though on that front I still like the MAWL better (at nearly twice the cost though). Only complaint is the flood cap. I know I will lose it in the dark eventually. Some way of connecting it to the unit, like the DBAL or PEQ with their caps would be nice. I might have to fabricate one myself. Besides that this thing is awesome! Concerns about durability don’t really bother me, seems about as study as my full power PEQ. Just buy it.

5 Stars
DesignateIR-V review

Been waiting awhile to write this review until I got to use the system a bit. I originally had the DesignateIR system, I had faulty unit and the customer service was quick to warranty the product. I upgraded to this unit when I warrantied it since it was just released. I use this system on my entry rifle and it has been used extremely thoroughly in the time I've had it. First off, the visible and ir laser are slaved together which gives peace of mind that if the vis laser is on, so is the ir laser. I verified 3 times on 3 seperate occasions after heavy range days that they both had the same poa/poi. It holds zero exceptionally well, the original designateir needed minor adjustments after long range days or particularly rough missions. This does not, I use a converging zero and check my laser zero before each mission and it's always been on. I've used this system in extreme heat/rain/sleet and it has performed very well with no malfunctions. The IR light is addition to this model and is very effective, without the cqb filter, it throws a concentrated cone of ir light an impressive distance, the cqb filter does exactly what it's intended and dispersed more ir light and helps illuminate a wider area. From my experience, they perform exactly as intended. The only negative I had was that the cqb filter is a cap that slides over the ir light. This makes it a little inconvenient if you're moving from interior to exterior quickly. Because it's a loose part, I worried about losing it while trying to fish it out of a pouch in the darkness. my recommendation is to make it similar to the PEQ-15 safety cap for the laser emitters. Instead of a cap, make it a lense that rides on a hinging mechanism so I can flip it in front of the light when I need it and flip it to the side when I don't. Overall, it's a great system. The vis laser is super clean, I've used it during the daytime and am still able to pick it up. Long review, but for the price point, feel comfortable knowing that this system is worth the price and will work when your life depends on it.

5 Stars

Great MFAL. Excellent illumination and form factor. Very light weight as well.