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BNVD 1431 MKII Dual Tube Articulating Night Vision Goggle - Full Spec White Phosphor High FOM Sale

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Product Information

Prime Weekend High FOM (2000 Min.) White Phosphor Sale - New Production Elbit Full Spec OMNI VIII (Not Commercial Tubes) Auto Gated Image Tubes - Matched w/ Clean Cosmetics / Data Sheets / Variable Gain Standard

Introducing the new BNVD 1431 MKII Dual Tube Articulating Generation III Night Vision Goggle. The BNVD 1431 MKII is a lightweight binocular night vision device for any user that requires robust articulating night vision goggles. With its solid state technology to control all aspects of its operations, it is a reliable tool for any night vision requirement. The 1431 MKII utilizes Military PVS-14 optics which reduces the training time and availability of accessories and tools for maintenance in the field. All USNV Built systems are finished and collimated on our in house Hoffman ANV-126 system.

System Tech Specs:

  • Generation Three Auto Gated Image Tubes
  • New Production ESA P45 White Phosphor w/ Data Sheets
  • Full Spec ESA P45 White Phosphor 2000 Plus FOM
  • Variable Gain Image Tube System Standard
  • Integrated IR Illuminator On Board
  • Military PVS-14 Optic Set
  • Articulating Housing
  • Single AA Battery
  • Dovetail Mounting Platform


  • On-board infrared illuminator w/ indicator light in FOV
  • Improved dovetail interface for a stronger, more durable lock-up
  • Skeletonized pods design to reduce bulk and increase rigidity
  • Upgraded material composition for optimized strength-to-weight ratio
  • New electronics for increased reliability in all conditions
  • Articulating eye pods with programmable auto power off/on
  • Single On Board AA Battery Compartment
  • Fischer port for use with external battery pack
  • The BNVD 1431 MKII uses PVS-14 optics that provide an affordable and serviceable platform.
  • The 1431 MKII has excellent build quality while minimizing weight at just under 600g for the fully built system including AA battery.

Ships with: Unit w/ Dove Tail Mounting Plate, Carry Case, Eye Cups (2), Sacrificial Windows (2), Demist Shields (2), Lens Tissue, Lanyard, Objective Lens Covers (2), (1) AA Battery, 2-year warranty.

Export: The Export of this product without proper licensing is strictly prohibited and falls under ITAR per title 22, CFR, parts 120-130. Please contact US Night Vision Export Dept. to receive further information on how to obtain proper licensing from the U.S. Department of State

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Depth: 5.00
Warranty: Warranty: Purchasing this product entitles you to a 2 Year Warranty from the original date of purchase. At our discretion your equipment can be repaired or replaced with new or refurbished product or parts, if any product or parts are determined to be defective due to materials or workmanship. Shipping & handling is not included in this warranty.

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5 Stars

Exceed my expectations! Well worth the investment! High quality and would definitely recommend. Besides the great product, customer service was top notch! Answer all my annoying questions and was quick to reply through their chat on their website! Plus what company owner calls you to thank you, they did and I thought that was very professional and made me feel better about the purchase.

5 Stars
Own The Night!

Fantastic product and even better service! Prompt replies to questions and concerns seem like 24/7.

5 Stars

Great customer support and great quality products. My unit came with everything and was top quality.

5 Stars

Love them!

5 Stars
Bnvd 1431 mkii

Excellent system handles like a pvs 31 but with the wider optics of a pvs 14 and the tubes are excellent. Mine average out around 1800 FOM and the SNR is outstanding. Took these out on a moonless night with full tree cover and no ir light to assist and it’s incredible how clear the image was.

5 Stars

My first venture into NV. Buy once, cry once. I placed my order, and the owner called me in less that 12 hours to confirm there was no bank fraud. He was preparing a New Year's trip, and took the time out of loading his personal vehicle to give me a call. He knows your dishing out a lot of dollars for these and tries to give a great impression. The NVGs work fantastic. The tube quality is bar none. They work so well, I forget how dark it actually is without the goggles.

5 Stars
BNVD 1431

These goggles are much cooler than I expected and an amazing value. I love the 1431 housing. I’ve spent a lot of money with this company and every penny has been worth it! Best customer service I’ve ever experienced period. If you’re mulling it over just get them. I got mine in four days after ordering. Will definitely be continuing to do business with US night vision! Cheers!

5 Stars

This has to be the hands down coolest device Ive ever owned worked like magic out the box and hasn't ceased to amaze. Outstanding product cant recommend enough!

5 Stars
BNVD 1431 MKII Dual Tube Articulating Night Vision Goggle

I have never experienced this level of professionalism and customer service from any other company. Wish I could send my girlfriend to these guys for re-education. As far as the Goggles themselves. They are definitely a high-quality level 3 optic. The buttonology is way more user friendly with cold hands than the mil issued PVS-14s and 15s. AA battery capability is a huge bonus. Diopter focal settings were marked. Plenty of goodies and sacrificial lenses included. Will definitely come back for another set in the future.