Knight Vision® AN/PVS-30 Night Vision Weapon Sight

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The Knight Vision®  MIL Spec AN/PVS-30 White Phosphor Clip-on Night Vision Weapon Sight, adds the latest high performance Gen 3 light intensification night vision to most rifles and day scopes. This product is appropriate for front line long range rifles. The Knight Vision® patented technology makes the AN/PVS-30 universal and assures the accuracy of your range-tested day scope boresight will not be degraded. When the AN/PVS-30 is added in front of your dayscope, your existing optic, eye relief, and cheek weld are undisturbed. The refractive lens provides high performance light collection in a light weight design. Knight Vision® patented Single Interchangeable Battery (SIB)® allows use of either 123 or AA single batteries, with a battery life exceeding 24 hours, and can be changed while you remain in shooting position. The highly efficient power circuit allows use of depleted flashlight batteries to provide several hours of operation. The AN/PVS-30 night vision weapon sight is optimized and tested for medium and long-range sniper weapons including .50 caliber rifles.


Operator’s Manual, Soft Case, (1) AA Battery and Lens Cloth.


Magnification Unity
Operation Time AA Exceeds 24hrs, 123 Exceeds 36 hrs
Recognition Range 1000 m (human, 1/4 moon)
Boresight within .5 MOA
Waterproof 3 ft. for 4 hours
Finish Flat Black Matte or Desert Sand Brown, Corrosion Resistant
Controls On/Off Gain Control Knob, Focus Ring
Mount KAC 26597 for Quick Attach /Detach to MIl-STD-1913 Rail or equivalent mounting surface
Field of View
Focus Range 20 Meters to Infinity
Power Source One AA or One 123 Battery
Weight 2.9 lbs. (1.32 kg)
Size 9.6” (244 mm) long



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