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HEL-STAR 6® Gen III+ Multi Function Light (Helmet Mounted) This LE Version is the HS-640-56PB (PB-Black/P-Tan)

HEL-STAR 6®  Gen III+ is the latest in  the series of HEL-STAR 6® marker lights  designed specifically for helmet-mounting for airborne, MFF, and ground
tactical operations. Gen III+ has all of the features of the Gen III in an updated, streamlined package. Available in tan or black.

HEL-STAR 6® HS-640-56 LE Version provides four operating modes: Green (Flash), Red (Flash), IR (Flash), IR (Steady) / Velcro Attachment.

 HEL-STAR 6® Gen III+ Advantages:
Safety -The unique battery access design provides a curved profile on all sides, minimizing snag hazard. Velcro® attachment provides emergency peel-away from helmet to reduce potential for snag-related injury.

Versatility -Up to four user-defined functions are available in a range of visible colors and IR signals, either flashing, coded or steady.

Visibility -Omni-directional. Intensities can be scaled up or down for special requirements. White flash exceeds FAA 3-statute mile requirements.

Simple, Secure Operation -Switches are designed for positive operation by a gloved-hand, in the blind, with the helmet donned. Mode selection switch design options provide operational flexibility
      or strong security between overt and covert operating modes.

Operating Extremes-HEL-STAR 6® is shock and vibration resistant, dustproof and open sea waterproof to 130 fsw (laboratory 300+ feet).

Status Confirmation -Switch design provides visual and tactile confirmation of ON/OFF and operating status with no guesswork; visual confirmation prevents inadvertent battery discharge in the IR
      operating mode.

Easy Battery Replacement -The single CR123 cell can be replaced in the field, quickly, without special tools.

Export :Models are ITAR restricted and cannot be shipped or carried outside the United States without express written permission from the United States Department of State.

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Width: 6.00
Height: 6.00
Depth: 6.00
SKU: HS640-56P
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5 Stars

Bought the HS-640-56P option for my helmet, and it fits perfect on my Ops Core Helmet. The device is quality built with good positive clicks on the switches. Everything lights up as it should both on vis, and IR. Very pleased with it!