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The Trijicon® SNIPE-IR™ is designed to become one with your optical day sight, both on the battlefield and on the hunting field. The thermal scope's NO-SHOT ZERO feature makes it simple to verify boresight when attached.


THUMBSTICK SYSTEM CONTROLLER: Our fully ruggedized, weatherproof, multidirectional thumbstick control comes standard. Unlike most conventional buttons, the SNIPE-IR controls are large and easy to find in complete darkness.

NO-SHOT ZERO SIGHT-IN SEAMLESS INTEGRATION: The SNIPE-IR's NO-SHOT ZERO feature makes it simple to verify boresight when attached. And it offers easy sight-in integration for accurate calibrations with the 4x32 ACOG® and 3x and 4x day optics, as well as a large range of variable rifle sights.

VISRELAY COLLIMATING OPTIC: The SNIPE-IR offers a VisRelay Collimating Optic that eliminates parallax, making it the ideal choice for a 24-hour weapon sighting system.

MAXPOL POLARITY WHITE HOT/BLACK HOT: The SNIPE-IR™ comes with an easy-to-control polarity mode that lets you switch between three levels of white hot and three levels of black hot. Why limit yourself to one setting? With low, medium and high levels, you can pick your perfect mode.

DIGITAL FOCUS CONTROL IMAGE ENHANCEMENT: Digital Focus Control (DFC) allows you to not only focus your picture to your optimum setting; it allows you to sharpen your overall picture for extreme detail.


Sensor Type:
Uncooled VOx (Vanadium Oxide)
Thermal Sensitivity: <50mk
Sensor Resolution: 640x480 pixels
Sensor Pitch: 12 Micron
Frame Rate: 60 Hz with a 30 Hz Power Save Mode
Spectral Response: 8 - 12 Microns
Display Type: Digital OLED - 640x480 pixels
Field of View: 12° Horizontal
Basic Features: E-Zoom, Polarity
Advanced Features: NO-SHOT ZERO
Image Capture
DFC – Digital Focus Control
Start of Time: Approx. 5 Seconds
Video Output: Analog RS-170 (with Optional Cable)
Battery Type: 2 x CR123
Battery Life: 3.5 Hours @ 60 Hz
Weapon Mount: Mini D–LOC Mount – Standard Model
Day Sight Compatibility: 1x up to 4x Fixed Sights
1-4x and 1-6x Variable Sights
2.5-10x up to 4-12x Variable Sights
Weight: 24.6 oz (700 grams)
Dimensions: 7.4" L x 3.0" H x 2.95" W
Exit Pupil: 30mm clip-on
Environmental: -40c to +55c Operating
-45c to +75c Storage




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