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Tailgate Accent Wrap Kits now available in Kryptek® Camo. This premium cast vinyl vehicle wrap is printed in house from master files provided by the pattern manufacturer, Kryptek®. This tailgate kit is universal and will fit any vehicle on the market.

Our vinyl camouflage offers superior UV protection, chemical resistance, protection from scuffs and scrapes and is completely waterproof. All Vinyl Wrap products are finished in non-reflective ultra matte or vehicle luster, you decide. Our wrap kits come ready to install and leave zero residues when removed.

Email any questions regarding your vehicle wrap to: Rapid Wraps


When Shadows Are Not Enough. Kryptek® camo patterns provide a tactical advantage to the Operator by reducing visual acquisition through the combination of proven camouflage concepts, scientific principles and field testing. The Kryptek® designs incorporate proven principles of visual deception based on mimicry of foliage, animal, marine and geographic visual qualities. These principles have been combined with evolutionary concepts and fused with state of the art technology to offer the utmost in effective concealment in differing environments. For more information visit



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