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IR IR Patrol M250 Thermal Monocular
Helmet-Mounted Thermal Monocular

The IR Patrol Series thermal monoculars from Trijicon®, is designed for military applications and performance at a consumer price. Utilizing MILSPEC BAE Systems 12 Micron Thermal Cores and eMagin OLED 10,000:1 Contrast VGA Displays, IR Patrol Monoculars feature some of the most advanced performance on the market today. Compact, Lightweight, and Rugged, IR Patrol Thermal Monoculars are ready for any mission from the battlefield to the hunting field.

IR Patrol Thermal Monoculars feature easy-to-use controls at the tip of the thumb. A large, recessed thumb stick provides users the ability to access all features and menus in the unit from a single spot. The thumb stick is extremely intuitive and easy to find with or without gloves. The recessed location helps to index the users’ thumb to the controller while keeping it protected from accidental actuation. All menus and features are easily navigated from this point. The housing is machined 6061 aircraft grade aluminum, providing incredible shock protection from field abuse.

Internally, IR Patrol Thermal Monoculars are incredibly advanced. Powered by the new BAE Systems MicroIR Thermal Core, the IR Patrol boasts incredible 12 Micron performance. This provides a 50% increase in magnification during digital zoom compared to most other cores. Trijicon® uses a state of the art processor that operates on a true digital format, supplying RGB digital video to the display. Speaking of displays; IR Patrols present their video on eMagin VGA Digital 640×480 OLED Displays. This is a pixel-to-pixel match with the thermal sensor, producing a perfectly clear and sharp image to the user; no up-sizing or down-sizing to effect image quality.

The IR Patrol M250 is Helmet-Mount and Handheld capable. It features 640×480 high resolution running at a 60hz frame rate. Polarity Swap with MaxPol Control, Digital Electronic Zoom, Brightness and DFC Digital Focus are standard. The M250 also features Edge Detect Mode, which darkens the image while outlining heat-producing objects for quick reference. This mode is valuable for retaining the user’s natural night vision because the display is not nearly as bright. Image capture is standard on all M250 Models (download cable sold separately), along with video out.

The IR Patrol M250 is designed for helmet mount and handheld applications. Going hands-free with a thermal imager is useful when positioned in a stationary overwatch and the user does not want to support the unit with their hand for hours. The M250 comes with a dovetail mount shoe that is designed to interface with the Wilcox SkeetIR Bridge Mount (sold separately).

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• Dimensions: 5.95”(L) x 2.2”(W) x 2.95”(H)
• Weight: 1.0 lbs.
• Housing: Machined 6061 Aircraft Aluminum
•  Finish: Black, Corrosion Resistant
• Power: One (1) CR123A
•  Battery Life: Approx. 1.5 Hours
•  Operating Temp: -40°F to +131°F
• Storage Temp: -49°F to +167°F
• Warranty: 3 Year Warranty

•  Sensor: Vanadium Oxide, Uncooled Microbolometer
• Detector: 640 x 480 BAE Systems MicroIR
• Sensor Pitch:12µm Micron
• Sensitivity:<50mk
• Spectral Response: 8 - 12µm
• Start-Up: >4 Seconds
• Display: eMagin VGA Digital 640×480 OLED
• FOV: 22° Optical, 3° Digital
• Focus: Manual
• Frame Rate: 60 Hz
• Objective Lens: 19mm f/1.1
• Polarity: Black hot/white hot
• Analog Video: RS-170
• Image Capture: Still Image and Video Out
• Zoom:1X Optical, 8X Digital
• Eye Relief: 27mm
• Diopter Adjustment: - 6 to +4

IR Patrol Thermal Monocular, Eye Cup, Tactical Soft Case, Lanyard, Lens Cap, Operator’s Manual, Quick Reference Guide, Batteries, Wilcox Dovetail Shoe Interface

Export: The Export of this product without proper licensing is strictly prohibited and falls under ITAR per title 22, CFR, parts 120-130. Please contact US Night Vision Export Dept. to receive further information on how to obtain proper licensing from the U.S. Department of State.

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