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Increased working time
One Battery Pack EPS3I allows to increase working time of thermal imaging and digital devices in comparison with time of normal battery packs.

Charge Indicator
External Power Supply EPS3I has a LED charge indicator and can be activated by pushing the button on the front side of the device.

Waterproof plastic body
EPS3I has a hard watreproof plastic body (class IPX5) that prevents all inner parts (electronics, batteries) from climatic and mechanic impacts.

Mount Weaver
External Power Supplies EPS3I has a mount Weaver and can be installed on the body of different devices that possess an applicable rail.

Extension Cable
The EPS3I is supplied with an extension cable which allows it to be stored in any suitable place, in a pocket, for example, when using a NV device in freezing weather and to increase operating time up to total discharge.


Power supply
Battery Type Li-Ion
Rated capacity (Ampere-hour rating), Ah 2.4
Voltage at end of discharge, V 8.9
Charging voltage, V 12.6
Full charge time, hour 4
Full discharge time (I=250 мА), hour 9


Physical & operational characteristics
Degree of protection (acc. to IEC60529), IP Rating IPX5
Mounts Weaver
Operation temperature range, charge / discharge, ͦ C, under 60±25%R.H 0 ...+45 / -20 ... +60
Dimensions, mm 85x76x40
Weight, kg 0.23


What's in the box

Battery Pack EPS3 | Mains Charger Unit 110 … 220 V | Extension Cord PR-002A - PP3-002A (1 m) | Car Adapter (2.1 mm DC Socket) | EU-US Plug Adapter | Adapter for devices with a 1/4" socket | User manual | Warranty Card  

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