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AN/PVS-14A Gen III White Phosphor On Target Kit w/ HLAD-3G Laser & Surefire Vampire Kit

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Product Information

The AN/PVS-14A Generation III White Phosphor On-Target Ultimate Illumination Kit. Ltd. Quantity Available. YH/PH Grade White Phosphor / HLAD-3G Visible Green-IR Pointer-IR Illuminator / Surefire M640V Vampire Weapon Light (Infrared/White) w/DS00 Tail Cap and Dual Switch. This is the most comprehensive Turn Key Kit out of the box, we have covered all the bases for Night Vision Illumination plus White Light.
The Kit:
AN-PVS-14 YH/PH Grade Full Spec White Phosphor Monocular
Data Sheets Included
RECON Bump Helmet w/ Rails / Shroud / Velcro Kit
RHNO II Mil Spec Flip-Up Helmet Mount
HLAD-3G Mil Spec Visible Green-IR Pointer-IR Illuminator
Surefire Weapon Mounted Vampire Light Kit (White/Infrared)
Surefire Dual Tail Cap / Dual Tape Switch
Please Allow 7-10 Days For Build & Delivery

We designed the On Target Kit to offer a turn key solution for PVS-14. With a Helmet Mounted AN/PVS-14 Gen III Monocular, HLAD-3G IR Laser System and a Surefire Vampire weapon light we have literally covered every base for nighttime illumination. 

HLAD-3G Aiming Laser (Green Visible / IR Pointer / IR Laser Illuminator) Eye-Safe Version. All new low profile design / NATO Crane Style Standard Plug Works With Any Manufactures Switch / Coin slots adjustments.

 The USNV PVS-14A system is US Night Vision's most advanced monocular. The versatile USNV PVS-14A features new production image tube technology technology as well as a manual gain control which allows the user to increase or decrease image tube brightness for greater image contrast in varying light conditions. The USNV PVS-14A uses an auto-gated image tube in a compact, high performance, mil-spec housing designed for multiple applications. The USNV PVS-14A can be hand-held, head-mounted, helmet-mounted and weapons mounted.

Available Helmets are Black / OD Green / FDE, please put a note in order for color preference. We cannot guarantee helmet color due to high demand but we will try.

Ships with:  AN/PVS-14A, RECON Bump Helmet with NV Shroud, RHNO II Military Helmet Mount, HLAD-3G laser system (Black) and Surefire Vampire package (Black) AN/PVS-14 Ships w/Military Soft Case, Eye Cup, Transfer Arm, Shoulder Strap, Sacrificial Window, Demist Shield, Lens Tissue, Lanyard, Objective Lens Cover, Ops Manual, (1) AA Battery.


Technology - Generation III New Production
Magnification - 1X
Field Of View - 40°
Diopter - +2/-6
Weight - 12.2 oz.
Dimensions - 4.5" x 2" x 2.25"
Battery - 1 x AA
Battery Life - 40 Hours

Export: The Export of this product without proper licensing is strictly prohibited and falls under ITAR per title 22, CFR, parts 120-130. Please contact US Night Vision Export Dept. to receive further information on how to obtain proper licensing from the U.S. Department of State
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Width: 9.00
Height: 6.00
Depth: 12.00
Warranty: Purchasing this product entitles you to a 2 Year Warranty from the original date of purchase. At our discretion your equipment can be repaired or replaced with new or refurbished product or parts, if any product or parts are determined to be defective due to materials or workmanship. Shipping & handling is not included in this warranty.

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